what can a general attorney do for you?

what can a general attorney do for you?

2 Reasons To Hire A Solicitor To Assist With An Adoption

by Karl Osullivan

Adopting a child into your family can be one of the most rewarding experiences that you can have, but it can also be quite the risky prospect as well. Thankfully, solicitors are available that can help you remove much of the risk from the process. Helping you to avoid fraudulent agencies and failed private adoptions are just two very good reasons to hire a solicitor to assist with your adoption.

Fraudulent Agencies

One of the most common pitfalls that prospective parents will run into when attempting to adopt a child is that a fraudulent agency will steal their money. These fraudulent agencies will often appear to be quite legitimate, even going so far as to have pictures of children that are supposedly available to adopt. However, once you give the agency any money, they will simply disappear and you will never hear from them again. 

A solicitor that is experienced with the adoption process can help you avoid this problem by providing you with a list of reputable adoption agencies that he or she has dealt with over the years. If you would still prefer to find your own agency, you can provide the contact information for the agency that you are interested in dealing with to the solicitor.

At that point, he or she will research the agency and let you know if there are any signs that the agency is fraudulent. For example, a lack of a physical mailing address, limited time in operation, and numerous complaints can all be seen as signs of a potential scam.

Failed Private Adoptions

Another reason to have a solicitor assist you is because he or she can help you avoid a failed private adoption. Paying for a pregnant individual's pregnancy expenses in exchange for the right to adopt the child when he or she is born, is one of the most common types of private adoption arrangements. The risk in this scenario is that the pregnant individual may change her mind when the child is born, which will result in you and your family losing a lot of money.

However, a solicitor can make sure that a legally-binding contract is in place before you begin paying for the medical expenses. This contract will make your chances of winning a custody case much higher. In addition, if you lose the custody case, the contract will at least provide you with a means by which to get repaid for all of the money that you spent on pregnancy-related expenses.

Speak to a solicitor that is experienced in adoptions today in order to discuss the many ways in which he or she can assist you and your family with the adoption process. A solicitor is absolutely vital to the process because he or she can help you avoid fraudulent agencies and remove quite a bit of the risk from a private adoption. To learn more about solicitors, contact a firm like Sandersons Solicitors Limited


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what can a general attorney do for you?

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